For Honor-The Overly Hyped Game

I know that there are a lot of articles out there about this game but I just wanted to give my honest opinion about this game!

About the game:

Release date:February 27, 2017,

Available on:PS4,Xbox One, PC


The game is set in the medieval ages and there are 3 main factions fighting in:knight, vikings and samurai! The game’s story is as it follows: There was an apocalypse which has destroyed a lot of land and so the 3 factions are fighting over the remaining land beetwen each other! Apolyon the leader of the knight faction tries to defeat the other 2 factions by making them fight each other but most importantly to start a rebellion within each faction so there it would be a fight for the “throne”! The vikings were always fighting beetwen each other to claim the throne for themselves and the samurai did the same to become the emperor! Apolyon uses these weaknesses so the knights would become the strongest but unfortunately for her the vikings and samurai unite to kill her since she’s the greater evil! After the samurai kill apolyon the 3 factions still can’t come to an agreement and continue fighting! The campaign really reflects the fight beetwen the factions but in the multiplayer campaign its not felt that much!

Minimum/Recommended system requirements and where u can get parts and a PC to play this game!

Minimum Requirements:

Intel CPU I3-550 3.2GHz

AMD CPU Phenom II X4 955

Nvidia Graphics Card GeForce GTX 660

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 270 v2



OS Win 7 64

Directx DX 11

HDD Space 30 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Intel CPU Core I5-2500k 3.3 Ghz


Nvidia Graphics Card Geforce GTX 680

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 280x



OS WIN 7 64

DirectX DX 11

HDD Space 30GB

My Recommendations:

Intel CPU Core I5-760 2.8 Ghz

AMD CPU Phenom II X4 975

Nvidia Graphics Card Geforce GTX 760

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 280



OS WIN 7 64

DirectX DX 11

HDD Space 30 GB

My Specs:

AMD CPU FX-8370 4 Ghz Vishera

AMD Graphics Card RX 480 NITRO+ 8GB DDR5



OS WIN 10 64

DIrectX DX 12

HDD Space 1TB


Each of the factions has 4 different classes of heroes:Vanguard, Heavy,Assassin and Hybrid

Each of the classes is different from the other and requires a different play style! The vanguards are the initial characters of the game they are the most simple yet the hardest to play at high levels! The Heavys(just as they’re name says) are slower heroes which move slower but instead have more health! The assassin heroes are heroes that move faster but have less health! The hybrids are a mixt type of heroes.. They have many various types of moves! These were the headlines of each of the hero classes when the game started out on February 27 but since then many things have changed but don’t worry I will do a more in depth review of each hero! 🙂

Genre: 3rd Person action-slash!

This game has a campaign but its mostly focused on multiplayer mode!

Each hero has 3 stances:top, left and right! From those stances u can either block, attack,parry or deflect(only with assassin heroes! I will explain that in another post!) This game is a very fast paced game so u need to react fast to the other heroes movements! U only have maybe a fraction of a second or max 2 seconds to react to other heroes reactions! Also, some moves can be fainted so there are some mind games in this game and at high level the game gets very complicated! With this type of interface For honor probably has the best action-slash interface out there in the gaming industry! There is literally no other game that offers such a great interface where u can block, attack,parry and deflect too! Also, it has very good-looking graphics! The game also has a pretty balanced mm(matchmaking) but its still not the best! So the devs from ubisoft have built a great game just the mistake that they made was leaving the game unbalanced! Meanwhile, some heroes are pretty balanced others are pretty op(overpowered) Especially some season 2 3 and 4 heroes and others are just simply weak and require a lot of skill to play! The community has refereed to this many times but the devs doesn’t really seem to listen… 🙁 Plus there are some bugs and glitches but still the biggest problems are with connection problems! Right even though they just recently released dedicated servers which were supposed to fix this issue!

My personal experience:

I’ve played the game since it has been released so I have a little bit of experience in it but I still couldn’t get to high level because(just as I stated in the beginning of this post.) I don’t have the best reactions and i’m not that good at playing mind game’s :(. Still I can say an opinion about the game!

To who I recommend this game:

If u have good reactions u know how to read other peoples minds and u like very competitive game’s that this game is for you! But if u don’t like any of then I don’t really recommend u this game because it will only cause u anger! This game is for those people who like a challenge(like myself) who like to learn and become better! When u look at videos about the game it seems a really cool and fun game with very good graphics but when u start playing it its much more different!


So here’s my rating(out of 10)

Graphics: 9

Music: 8.5

Cinematics: 8

Story: 7

Content: 9

Controls: 9

Gameplay: 9

Ubisoft has created a game with a great interface and with a lot of cool trailers and videos when they were about to launch the game! Everyone was hyped about the game before the launch, but still somehow ubisoft somehow managed to screw up the game(mostly because they haven’t payed attention to the small detail or the community s my opinion) and that has cost them delivery!

I will do a more in depth reviews of the game later on where I will go more in the details and maybe do some videos too!

Note:I did not create this website to brag about my skills or how good I am in most of the competitive game’s! I just review game’s and maybe sometimes I give some tips and advises but that’s my opinion and u don’t need to follow my tips or advises! So please don’t criticize me if I play bad sometimes in videos(I will try to edit out the parts where I don’t play so well.. but I will only make videos if requested.. I don’t know what to say about video making yet!) Thanks for the understanding!

I wish everyone all the best




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