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Big,Strong and Beardy… These are probably a few words that characterize the most popular faction in For Honor! The Vikings are currently(but they probably have been since thew beginning of the game) the most popular faction(but not the BIGGEST faction in the game. the biggest 1 are the knights) in the game! This faction has won 1 season out of 4 which is pretty weird(I couldn’t find the right word for it) since they are most popular faction in the game! They’ve pretty much dominated season 1 and have won most of the campaigns except a couple of them since those were won by the knights! In season 2 they’ve fought pretty bad and won only 1 or 2 campaigns! The Vikings are the only ones who have 2 heroes with shields and here the devs have been going after the historical accuracy since the vikings were mostly fighting with shields! In my opinion some of their heroes require some mastery since just like the knights they have many types of heroes but their heroes are not so hard to master s the knight heroes! The vikings have a  round viking shield as a shield type!


The vikings have become famous after Ragnar Lothbrok invaded England in the 7th century and conquered some land for himself! The vikings were always a very separated nation since they we’re always fighting each other instead of fighting other nations but Ragnar Lothbrok has managed to change this! So many of you probably seen some or many videos about the vikings being these very big strong and muscular nation but this is not true at all! They we’re looking just like the people from other nations! Yes amongst them there we’re some man which were actually looking like that but it was rare! Although the vikings were usually stronger and more resistant than the other nations that they’ve fought with mostly because they’ve mostly eaten meat and since they weren’t so evolved than the European countries they we’re doing much more physical work than the other nations and this made them stronger and more resilient!Because of this they we’re very short lived(they lived about 30 or 40 years!)! Also, the fact that most of them wore some kind of helmet with horns wasn’t true! The reason why most European countries fear them is because they we’re very cruel with they’re enemies(sometimes they eviscerated the enemy leader to bring sacrifice to the gods… This way of killing the enemy leader was a very painful and slow death and very disgusting to watch!) The vikings were also very good at surprise raids which meant that they’ve attacked a random settlement usually when they weren’t expecting it and rob it and killed a lot of people from that settlement and mostly because of this they’ve ruled Europe for 3 centuries! Some of u might be thinking why only 3 centuries and that’s because the vikings didn’t really keep up with evolution and also they we’re good at raiding smaller settlements but very bad at big castles or cities with big walls since they didn’t really have any siege engines! Any really good medieval commander or king knew that without some siege engines it’s very hard or almost impossible to conquer a castle or a city with big walls and this is what exactly the vikings have done at the siege of Paris! They’re strategy about how to attack the city was pretty good but the problem was that they didn’t have any siege engines and because of this they’ve failed miserably! Soon enough many European nations realized this and they’ve started fortifying they’re towns cities and pretty much everything that they could fortify and so the vikings we’re not so effective at raiding settlements anymore! As centuries passed heavy armor appeared against which the vikings most popular weapon the axe was pretty useless! Also, the vikings didn’t really wear any armor(just sometimes leather armor) which mad them pretty easy kill! The only thing really defending them was they’re shield which(if they had remained popular until the 15th century) would have been useless against the crossbows! When they’ve attacked Paris the french already used crossbows but those weren’t so powerful! The 15th century crossbows were much more powerful and they could easily penetrate a viking wooden shield! The vikings inability to keep up with evolution has caused they’re ending!

Viking Heroes review!

I will do a morein depth review of these heroes this is just a general review!





Raider: This hero is the best hero to play mind games with at high level!(in my opinion) This makes him pretty good at duels and brawls but it doesn’t means that u can’t play dominion with him but in my opinion it’s a little bit too slow for dominion!



Warlord: This a pretty good all-rounder hero which u can use for many types of games! Sine it’s a heavy class it has a lot of health it has pretty good defense fast light attacks(compared to other heavies) and it’s headbutt is a total killer! Also it’s worth mentioning that it‘s amongst the

few heroes that has an instant parry punish!

Berserker: This hero is a very fast moving hero! High level players know that the berserker is probably the best at fainting in the game! I wouldn’t really use this hero in dominion matches since it’s an assassin which means that it doesn’t has too much health!


Valkyrie: I can’t say too much about the Valkyrie since I haven’t really played with her! As I saw it’s a good all-rounder with a lot of mix ups good for all game types!





Highlander: The highlander is a high damage dealer hero(after shugoki I think that he deals the most damage with it’s heavies!) and has many mix ups! The problem that I’ve found with the highlander is that it’s attack are pretty slow and constantly switching beetwen the offensive form and defensive form can become kind of annoying when playing with a keyboard and mouse!



Shaman: Since the shaman has appeared in the last season it’s a very powerful hero and a good all-rounder! Many things make the shaman good but the most important one is that it can feint pretty much every of it’s attacks!


The viking faction is a very good faction and fun to play with if u know how to play with their heroes! I mostly play with the shaman because she’s really good and sometimes with the warlord and raider! The Viking faction is a great faction but I couldn’t really find the “value”(if we can say so) in this faction! The vikings could never cause that good feeling that the knight cause when u play them or the mystery, cool moves that the samurai have! Many people were hyped about this faction before the release but I’m pretty sure that they we’re surprised about how the heroes play when the game came out(especially about highlander when season 3 came)!

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