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The anime faction! I’m pretty sure that this is how most of the people who have joined the other 2 faction would describe the Samurai! The Samurais are the most unpopular and the smallest faction of the 3! This faction(or I should say my faction because I have chosen the samurai) hasn’t won a single season in the faction war and its probably the most hated faction from all the 3! Somehow the devs have guessed the part where 1 samurai must match 10 other heroes because this is the ratio! In my opinion this is the reason why the samurai hasn’t won a singe season! Another reason would be that people don’t really know much about the samurai! All they know is that they’re a nation that lives very far away from them! This scares people, not knowing scares people and because of this they don’t choose this faction! The samurai requires the most mastery(at least in my opinion) since their heroes don’t use a shield! More on that maybe on another post! The samurai use a rectangular shield as a shield type!



The Samurai(this word represents pretty much a knight in japan. or something similar) first appeared around the 10th century(2 centuries after the knights) and somewhat being a Samurai was similar to being a knight but still there we’re many differences beetwen the 2! The Samurai was also just a soldier of daimyo(like the knight was for a landlord! Also, daimyo means a sort of landlord!) Most of the Samurai were fighting for the Daimyo which was just a servant of the shogun(a sort of king) but there were many banished Samurai’s or outlawed Samurai’s should we say! Yes the Samurai we’re actually like an official army of the Shogunate(it was like a kingdom or a country there it was the shogun who led Japan and than he had the Daimyios and than the Daimiyos had the was all a big system) but the only problem with this was that the country wasn’t always united. Many times different types of smaller clans fought one over the other to become the ultimate Shogunate of japan but more on this later! So not all Samurai wore that kind of fancy looking armor that u see in the game(like the orochi’s armor or kensei’s armor)! Only the richer ones have had those kinds of armor! Instead, they just wore they’re kimono(a traditional Japanese clothing) especially the banished Samurai’s right even in battle! The armor piece that wasn’t real is the kensei’s wood plates on it’s back! I’m pretty sure that u won’t see any pictures with those kinds of wooden plates of a Samurai on the internet or anywhere else! The Samurai armor was much more different from a knight armor! It didn’t limit its user’s movements nor its vision! It was much lighter but it took more time to manufacture! Those Samurai who we’re truly rich could afford a Samurai armor with steel plates! This kind of armor was a little bit heavier than the wooden armor but offered much better protection although it took much more time to manufacture! The Japanese we’re obsessed with perfection(and maybe they still are in our days) so they tried to make everything perfect. From the armor to a katana and so on. This is why it took them a lot of time to make an armor or a katana. The Samurai’s katana.. Despite the major belief that this weapon was a Samurai’s primary weapon was not true. They used it as a secondary weapon and as a primary they used they’re eastern spear(the nobushi’s spear) mostly because it had longer range and they could stab and cut with it at the same time! The Samurai used the katana mostly in close range encounters! There also was the nodachi(the weapon which the kensei uses) but that rarely was used but when it was they used it as a primary weapon because it could pretty much do the same things as the spear just it didn’t was that long! The nodachi was rarely seen on the battlefield because it was hard to manufacture and it took a lot of time! Also, there were many types of Samurai not just the ones with spear and katana! There it was cavalry Samurai with spears and with katana’s(but those were kind of rare) archer Samurai and katana Samurai! Moving on to the martial arts part… This is where the Samurai have excelled! If we would compare an experienced Samurai with a knight that had the same experience in battles im pretty sure that the Samurai would win! Is the fact that 1 Samurai must match 10 other enemies real? I say it depends. It depends on the Samurai’s experience. Just as I said the samurai we’re perfectionists so they always worked to perfect they’re martial arts. Martial arts was a way of life for them just like it is for us when we live a passive life for example! The Samurai believed that martial arts revitalizes they’re spirit it makes the spirit and body much stronger and many other things! In the game the Samurai don’t seem like big martial artist but in history they actually we’re pretty good at it!(depending on their experience level of course) Every Samurai that has worked for the shogunate was forced to practice martial arts since this was a very important thing for them! the Samurai’s lasted from the 10th century until the 19th century so they’ve outlasted the knights by much! The only problem was(just as I stated earlier) that the small Japanese clans were almost constantly fighting with each other to become japan’s shogunate! After a while 1 from those clans has won but the killing was ridiculous! Japan did pretty much what China did and that was that the clans waged war with each other in each country for hundreds or even thousands of years in case of China! So in conclusion as u can see the Samurai are much more different from the other 2 factions mostly because of they’re lifestyle and I think that this is the reason why most people didn’t choose the Samurai!


Samurai heroes review!

I will do a more in depth review later this is just a general review!


Kensei:Many people think that this is the weakest hero and maybe they are right but I think that with some mastery this is hero is pretty great. At high levels this hero can do really good!




Shugoki:I can’t really say much about this hero because I haven’t played much with it since its very slow! All Ican say is that this hero can be very good in the right hands since it can do a lot of damage and has a lot of health!



Orochi:This is 1 of my favorite hero mostly because it has a lot of moves but many other reasons! It is great to play mind games at high levels at if you can master its deflects than this hero will become a very powerful hero for you!




Nobushi:When I just started out I used this hero a lot since it has very fast light attacks and a long range! Now I don’t really like it that much since I don’t really know her moves and I think that this hero is most effective in high level!




Shinobi: This is a very fast hero and that is what I like in this hero! It has very fast attacks and its best and closing distances and than disengage at a very fast rate! This is what people hate about shinobi putting in fast light attacks and than jumping back and doing this very fast! The only reason why I hate this hero is because it has very low health so a couple of heavy attacks from a heavy or a hero that does a lot of damage and the shinobi is dead.



Aramusha:I can’t really say much about this hero because I don’t really played it but when I did I played very bad with it because I don’t really know its moves or combos! I think that Aramusha is very good at mind games if u know its moves! It has very fast light attacks a great combo and it can feint a lot of its attacks!


The Samurai are probably the most hated and the least played faction in the game but this doesn’t mean that they’re a bad faction this just simply mean that the Samurai heroes need to be mastered in order to play well with them and people should learn more about the Samurai instead of hating them and calling them “weebs”! I have chosen this faction because I like how the Japanese live they’re lives how disciplined and different they are from the western world! I’m usually attracted to these kinds of nations mostly because they are different than the rest! I say that before u would comment about the Samurai know what kind of nation they truly are!



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