For Honor Faction Review-Knights

So where should I start? The knights arprobably the biggest faction from the 3(biggest player base) and they are the coolest looking from the w3 factions especially at high levels! They have currently won 2 seasons out of 3(the other 1 was won by the vikings.) so currently they are the winners of this war!(I have chosen to be with the samurai which haven’t won not even 1 season so we are kinda losing..:() The knights in my opinion require a little bit of mastery since they have a combination of many types of heroes which require different understanding!(in my opinion the vikings are the easiest to master meanwhile the samurai are the hardest)! They’re shield type is a knight kite shield!(just the one u can see above!)


So a little bit of history about the knights! Knighthood appeared around the age of Charles the Great him being the first knight in the history and ended in the late 15th century mostly because guns have started to take over shields, swords and any other type of “medieval” weapons! Most of the knighthoods(like the templars) were said to be a very disciplined and highly trained medieval “organization” but this was not always true! The templars were the only few knighthoods who ACTUALLY were very disciplined and highly trained but most of the knighthoods were more about the title and the prize that comes with the title! Most of the knights were just as good as a normal foot soldier and only some were very disciplined and highly trained! So a medieval knight was very different from the knights u see in the game! A medieval knight usually was riding a horse and it was fighting or horseback since it’s armor was too heavy(and from here we can see that the game has no resemblance at all with the knights that were in the history.) Let’s take for example the lawbringer(the big guy in the picture with he’s armor!) that kind of

armor + the polearm easily weighted around 45kgs(99lbs) so the must have been a really strong guy in order to move around in that heavy armor! Just imagine moving around in 45kgs(99lbs) seems very hard doesn’t it? That’s why for honor doesn’t really has nothing to do with what happened in history! In real life right even the most muscular horse would have had difficulty carrying an at least 90kgs(198lbs) man + an additional 45kgs(99lbs) of armor! Anyway getting back to the history part knights in history didn’t real wear that much armor or at least not most of them! Only those could wear that kind of armor which u see in the game who originated from a richer family and had more money! Plus the other thing was that many knights didn’t really wear a helmet(and gave up head protection.) mostly because it was very hard to see and breath in those medieval helmets! So in conclusion the knights in the game have really no resemblance with real history whatsoever but still I thought u might want to know more about the REAL knights!

Knight Heroes review!

I will do a more in depth review of each hero later on this is just a general review!





The warden: The warden probably requires the most mastery in order so u can be good with it at high levels! The warden can combine fast with slow so it can be used in many was but since it’s a vanguard it would still need a couple of buffs!


The conqueror:This hero is a pretty slow hero(we can also find this out from the class description.) so it requires a lot of patience to master! This hero has a very good defense but it’s offense is pretty weak(in my opinion) so it should be used mostly for duels!(again in my opinion!)




The peacekeeper: This is a very fast hero! In low level game play this hero is pretty strong hero because people can’t block so good on low levels! The peacekeeper has a lot of moves which cause bleeding to the enemy which can be pretty useful! Its only disadvantage(in my opinion) is that it has low health and it can die pretty quick!



The lawbringer:This hero is a pretty balanced character(in my opinion)! It can combine slow with fast moves(despite the fact that many think that it’s a pretty slow character!) It has a lot of combos which when learned can be very useful! this hero also requires a little bit of mastery but not as much as warden to be a able to perform good with it at high levels!

The centurion:The dominant! The executioner! The fearless!(Also my facorite!) This hero is a killing machine at low to mid levels since it mostly relies on it’s combos which performed correctly can be very devastating and can kill any hero very fast! Although at high levels it’s harder to play with him since it can’t really use it’s combos so it’s pretty much powerless.

The gladiator:This hero is  pretty fast! Its attacks are pretty fast and it has a lot of combos to top it up! Also it’s perfect for mind games at high levels!


So my conclusion is that the knight faction is a great faction mostly because it has many types of heroes(probably this is why most people joined the knights) but I think that the biggest reason why people joined the knights was they’re reputation!(deus vult) and they’re cool looking armor!


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