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Hello everyone and welcome to VideoGameRReviews the site where u can come to see which game u should choose for the exact reason! I will be mainly reviewing games that I have access to for FREE(and I will show u a site where u can download the game and play without cracking or any of that complicated things! U can even download older games like bf3 and u can play them online without wasting a lot of your time to figure out how to run it online!) I will also be buying some games that I find interesting or the ones that many of your requests! I will not review sports games since I don’t really like them(the last sports game that I played was fifa 12 but that was really the last one!) Of course I will also review games that many of your will request to be reviewed! I will also review games that are not so popular since I run into them sometimes and I might even review online games like mmorpgs,mmos,multiplayer fps games and so on!


I’ve been in the gaming industry for more than 15 years now!!! I’ve played games like warcraft(the very first game) need for speed hot pursuit(the one that got released in 93 if I remember good) and many other antic games! Since then video games have become a passion of mine and i’ve become very good at them! Since then I played many varieties of games like strategy, fps,fighter games and so on! I like to play different types of games because I like the challenge the need to adapt to every game play style(unlike many other gamers that only play 1 type of game!) When I started out I had a very bad PC and I was limited to play certain types of games but now I got rid of that problem! I’m a PC gamer which means that I only play games on PC! I’ve played games also on ps4 but I still prefer the PC over any console! So because of this I will not review games that are available for consoles! I’ve chosen my name after the creature predator from the 2010 game aliens vs predator and thew movie series!



I know how it feels when u purchase a game and expect it to be in certain way but it works kind of different! Because of this i’ve created this site so gamers will not spend they’re money on useless games or games that might just simply not be for them! I will also show u how u can save money by purchasing games, premium passes, season passes and so on from the right sites which sometimes sell them for even 50% of the price that u can buy them from the official sites! I will also show u some site that sells very good PC components or pre built so when u want to purchase a good PC for gaming u will know which sites to thrust or which sites are selling the cheapest components or PCs! As I stated in the beginning I will show u a site where u can download NEW games which u only need to install and u can play! I will also tell u which games are worth buying(mostly for the multiplayer experience and which are better to download for free!)



Believe me I lost a lot of money on games that i’ve bought cause I was interested in them but didn’t know what they really were about!(like arma3 and Homefront.. I gave 10$ on each and since then I haven’t even played them!) My goal here it is to help people to game in the smart way! To know which game to choose, which game to buy and don’t believe the hype(which happens for most of the new games)!

If your ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help your out.

Note:I did not create this website to brag about my skills or how good i am in most of the competitive games! I just review games and maybe sometimes i give some tips and advises but that’s my opinion and u don’t need to follow my tips or advises! So please don’t criticize me if i play bad sometimes in videos(i will try to edit out the parts where i don’t play so well.. but i will only make videos if requested.. I don’t know what to say about video making yet!) Thanks for the understanding! 

All the best,

Thomas Norman


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