For Honor Faction Review-Samurai





The anime faction! I’m pretty sure that this is how most of the people who have joined the other 2 faction would describe the Samurai! The Samurais are the most unpopular and the smallest faction of the 3! This faction(or I should say my faction because I have chosen the samurai) hasn’t won a single season in the faction war and its probably the most hated faction from all the 3! Somehow the devs have guessed the part where 1 samurai must match 10 other heroes because this is the ratio! In my opinion this is the reason why the samurai hasn’t won a singe season! Another reason would be that people don’t really know much about the samurai! All they know is that they’re a nation that lives very far away from them! This scares people, not knowing scares people and because of this they don’t choose this faction! The samurai requires the most mastery(at least in my opinion) since their heroes don’t use a shield! More on that maybe on another post! The samurai use a rectangular shield as a shield type!



The Samurai(this word represents pretty much a knight in japan. or something similar) first appeared around the 10th century(2 centuries after the knights) and somewhat being a Samurai was similar to being a knight but still there we’re many differences beetwen the 2! The Samurai was also just a soldier of daimyo(like the knight was for a landlord! Also, daimyo means a sort of landlord!) Most of the Samurai were fighting for the Daimyo which was just a servant of the shogun(a sort of king) but there were many banished Samurai’s or outlawed Samurai’s should we say! Yes the Samurai we’re actually like an official army of the Shogunate(it was like a kingdom or a country there it was the shogun who led Japan and than he had the Daimyios and than the Daimiyos had the was all a big system) but the only problem with this was that the country wasn’t always united. Many times different types of smaller clans fought one over the other to become the ultimate Shogunate of japan but more on this later! So not all Samurai wore that kind of fancy looking armor that u see in the game(like the orochi’s armor or kensei’s armor)! Only the richer ones have had those kinds of armor! Instead, they just wore they’re kimono(a traditional Japanese clothing) especially the banished Samurai’s right even in battle! The armor piece that wasn’t real is the kensei’s wood plates on it’s back! I’m pretty sure that u won’t see any pictures with those kinds of wooden plates of a Samurai on the internet or anywhere else! The Samurai armor was much more different from a knight armor! It didn’t limit its user’s movements nor its vision! It was much lighter but it took more time to manufacture! Those Samurai who we’re truly rich could afford a Samurai armor with steel plates! This kind of armor was a little bit heavier than the wooden armor but offered much better protection although it took much more time to manufacture! The Japanese we’re obsessed with perfection(and maybe they still are in our days) so they tried to make everything perfect. From the armor to a katana and so on. This is why it took them a lot of time to make an armor or a katana. The Samurai’s katana.. Despite the major belief that this weapon was a Samurai’s primary weapon was not true. They used it as a secondary weapon and as a primary they used they’re eastern spear(the nobushi’s spear) mostly because it had longer range and they could stab and cut with it at the same time! The Samurai used the katana mostly in close range encounters! There also was the nodachi(the weapon which the kensei uses) but that rarely was used but when it was they used it as a primary weapon because it could pretty much do the same things as the spear just it didn’t was that long! The nodachi was rarely seen on the battlefield because it was hard to manufacture and it took a lot of time! Also, there were many types of Samurai not just the ones with spear and katana! There it was cavalry Samurai with spears and with katana’s(but those were kind of rare) archer Samurai and katana Samurai! Moving on to the martial arts part… This is where the Samurai have excelled! If we would compare an experienced Samurai with a knight that had the same experience in battles im pretty sure that the Samurai would win! Is the fact that 1 Samurai must match 10 other enemies real? I say it depends. It depends on the Samurai’s experience. Just as I said the samurai we’re perfectionists so they always worked to perfect they’re martial arts. Martial arts was a way of life for them just like it is for us when we live a passive life for example! The Samurai believed that martial arts revitalizes they’re spirit it makes the spirit and body much stronger and many other things! In the game the Samurai don’t seem like big martial artist but in history they actually we’re pretty good at it!(depending on their experience level of course) Every Samurai that has worked for the shogunate was forced to practice martial arts since this was a very important thing for them! the Samurai’s lasted from the 10th century until the 19th century so they’ve outlasted the knights by much! The only problem was(just as I stated earlier) that the small Japanese clans were almost constantly fighting with each other to become japan’s shogunate! After a while 1 from those clans has won but the killing was ridiculous! Japan did pretty much what China did and that was that the clans waged war with each other in each country for hundreds or even thousands of years in case of China! So in conclusion as u can see the Samurai are much more different from the other 2 factions mostly because of they’re lifestyle and I think that this is the reason why most people didn’t choose the Samurai!


Samurai heroes review!

I will do a more in depth review later this is just a general review!


Kensei:Many people think that this is the weakest hero and maybe they are right but I think that with some mastery this is hero is pretty great. At high levels this hero can do really good!




Shugoki:I can’t really say much about this hero because I haven’t played much with it since its very slow! All Ican say is that this hero can be very good in the right hands since it can do a lot of damage and has a lot of health!



Orochi:This is 1 of my favorite hero mostly because it has a lot of moves but many other reasons! It is great to play mind games at high levels at if you can master its deflects than this hero will become a very powerful hero for you!




Nobushi:When I just started out I used this hero a lot since it has very fast light attacks and a long range! Now I don’t really like it that much since I don’t really know her moves and I think that this hero is most effective in high level!




Shinobi: This is a very fast hero and that is what I like in this hero! It has very fast attacks and its best and closing distances and than disengage at a very fast rate! This is what people hate about shinobi putting in fast light attacks and than jumping back and doing this very fast! The only reason why I hate this hero is because it has very low health so a couple of heavy attacks from a heavy or a hero that does a lot of damage and the shinobi is dead.



Aramusha:I can’t really say much about this hero because I don’t really played it but when I did I played very bad with it because I don’t really know its moves or combos! I think that Aramusha is very good at mind games if u know its moves! It has very fast light attacks a great combo and it can feint a lot of its attacks!


The Samurai are probably the most hated and the least played faction in the game but this doesn’t mean that they’re a bad faction this just simply mean that the Samurai heroes need to be mastered in order to play well with them and people should learn more about the Samurai instead of hating them and calling them “weebs”! I have chosen this faction because I like how the Japanese live they’re lives how disciplined and different they are from the western world! I’m usually attracted to these kinds of nations mostly because they are different than the rest! I say that before u would comment about the Samurai know what kind of nation they truly are!



For Honor Faction Review-Vikings









Big,Strong and Beardy… These are probably a few words that characterize the most popular faction in For Honor! The Vikings are currently(but they probably have been since thew beginning of the game) the most popular faction(but not the BIGGEST faction in the game. the biggest 1 are the knights) in the game! This faction has won 1 season out of 4 which is pretty weird(I couldn’t find the right word for it) since they are most popular faction in the game! They’ve pretty much dominated season 1 and have won most of the campaigns except a couple of them since those were won by the knights! In season 2 they’ve fought pretty bad and won only 1 or 2 campaigns! The Vikings are the only ones who have 2 heroes with shields and here the devs have been going after the historical accuracy since the vikings were mostly fighting with shields! In my opinion some of their heroes require some mastery since just like the knights they have many types of heroes but their heroes are not so hard to master s the knight heroes! The vikings have a  round viking shield as a shield type!


The vikings have become famous after Ragnar Lothbrok invaded England in the 7th century and conquered some land for himself! The vikings were always a very separated nation since they we’re always fighting each other instead of fighting other nations but Ragnar Lothbrok has managed to change this! So many of you probably seen some or many videos about the vikings being these very big strong and muscular nation but this is not true at all! They we’re looking just like the people from other nations! Yes amongst them there we’re some man which were actually looking like that but it was rare! Although the vikings were usually stronger and more resistant than the other nations that they’ve fought with mostly because they’ve mostly eaten meat and since they weren’t so evolved than the European countries they we’re doing much more physical work than the other nations and this made them stronger and more resilient!Because of this they we’re very short lived(they lived about 30 or 40 years!)! Also, the fact that most of them wore some kind of helmet with horns wasn’t true! The reason why most European countries fear them is because they we’re very cruel with they’re enemies(sometimes they eviscerated the enemy leader to bring sacrifice to the gods… This way of killing the enemy leader was a very painful and slow death and very disgusting to watch!) The vikings were also very good at surprise raids which meant that they’ve attacked a random settlement usually when they weren’t expecting it and rob it and killed a lot of people from that settlement and mostly because of this they’ve ruled Europe for 3 centuries! Some of u might be thinking why only 3 centuries and that’s because the vikings didn’t really keep up with evolution and also they we’re good at raiding smaller settlements but very bad at big castles or cities with big walls since they didn’t really have any siege engines! Any really good medieval commander or king knew that without some siege engines it’s very hard or almost impossible to conquer a castle or a city with big walls and this is what exactly the vikings have done at the siege of Paris! They’re strategy about how to attack the city was pretty good but the problem was that they didn’t have any siege engines and because of this they’ve failed miserably! Soon enough many European nations realized this and they’ve started fortifying they’re towns cities and pretty much everything that they could fortify and so the vikings we’re not so effective at raiding settlements anymore! As centuries passed heavy armor appeared against which the vikings most popular weapon the axe was pretty useless! Also, the vikings didn’t really wear any armor(just sometimes leather armor) which mad them pretty easy kill! The only thing really defending them was they’re shield which(if they had remained popular until the 15th century) would have been useless against the crossbows! When they’ve attacked Paris the french already used crossbows but those weren’t so powerful! The 15th century crossbows were much more powerful and they could easily penetrate a viking wooden shield! The vikings inability to keep up with evolution has caused they’re ending!

Viking Heroes review!

I will do a morein depth review of these heroes this is just a general review!





Raider: This hero is the best hero to play mind games with at high level!(in my opinion) This makes him pretty good at duels and brawls but it doesn’t means that u can’t play dominion with him but in my opinion it’s a little bit too slow for dominion!



Warlord: This a pretty good all-rounder hero which u can use for many types of games! Sine it’s a heavy class it has a lot of health it has pretty good defense fast light attacks(compared to other heavies) and it’s headbutt is a total killer! Also it’s worth mentioning that it‘s amongst the

few heroes that has an instant parry punish!

Berserker: This hero is a very fast moving hero! High level players know that the berserker is probably the best at fainting in the game! I wouldn’t really use this hero in dominion matches since it’s an assassin which means that it doesn’t has too much health!


Valkyrie: I can’t say too much about the Valkyrie since I haven’t really played with her! As I saw it’s a good all-rounder with a lot of mix ups good for all game types!





Highlander: The highlander is a high damage dealer hero(after shugoki I think that he deals the most damage with it’s heavies!) and has many mix ups! The problem that I’ve found with the highlander is that it’s attack are pretty slow and constantly switching beetwen the offensive form and defensive form can become kind of annoying when playing with a keyboard and mouse!



Shaman: Since the shaman has appeared in the last season it’s a very powerful hero and a good all-rounder! Many things make the shaman good but the most important one is that it can feint pretty much every of it’s attacks!


The viking faction is a very good faction and fun to play with if u know how to play with their heroes! I mostly play with the shaman because she’s really good and sometimes with the warlord and raider! The Viking faction is a great faction but I couldn’t really find the “value”(if we can say so) in this faction! The vikings could never cause that good feeling that the knight cause when u play them or the mystery, cool moves that the samurai have! Many people were hyped about this faction before the release but I’m pretty sure that they we’re surprised about how the heroes play when the game came out(especially about highlander when season 3 came)!

For Honor Faction Review-Knights

So where should I start? The knights arprobably the biggest faction from the 3(biggest player base) and they are the coolest looking from the w3 factions especially at high levels! They have currently won 2 seasons out of 3(the other 1 was won by the vikings.) so currently they are the winners of this war!(I have chosen to be with the samurai which haven’t won not even 1 season so we are kinda losing..:() The knights in my opinion require a little bit of mastery since they have a combination of many types of heroes which require different understanding!(in my opinion the vikings are the easiest to master meanwhile the samurai are the hardest)! They’re shield type is a knight kite shield!(just the one u can see above!)


So a little bit of history about the knights! Knighthood appeared around the age of Charles the Great him being the first knight in the history and ended in the late 15th century mostly because guns have started to take over shields, swords and any other type of “medieval” weapons! Most of the knighthoods(like the templars) were said to be a very disciplined and highly trained medieval “organization” but this was not always true! The templars were the only few knighthoods who ACTUALLY were very disciplined and highly trained but most of the knighthoods were more about the title and the prize that comes with the title! Most of the knights were just as good as a normal foot soldier and only some were very disciplined and highly trained! So a medieval knight was very different from the knights u see in the game! A medieval knight usually was riding a horse and it was fighting or horseback since it’s armor was too heavy(and from here we can see that the game has no resemblance at all with the knights that were in the history.) Let’s take for example the lawbringer(the big guy in the picture with he’s armor!) that kind of

armor + the polearm easily weighted around 45kgs(99lbs) so the must have been a really strong guy in order to move around in that heavy armor! Just imagine moving around in 45kgs(99lbs) seems very hard doesn’t it? That’s why for honor doesn’t really has nothing to do with what happened in history! In real life right even the most muscular horse would have had difficulty carrying an at least 90kgs(198lbs) man + an additional 45kgs(99lbs) of armor! Anyway getting back to the history part knights in history didn’t real wear that much armor or at least not most of them! Only those could wear that kind of armor which u see in the game who originated from a richer family and had more money! Plus the other thing was that many knights didn’t really wear a helmet(and gave up head protection.) mostly because it was very hard to see and breath in those medieval helmets! So in conclusion the knights in the game have really no resemblance with real history whatsoever but still I thought u might want to know more about the REAL knights!

Knight Heroes review!

I will do a more in depth review of each hero later on this is just a general review!





The warden: The warden probably requires the most mastery in order so u can be good with it at high levels! The warden can combine fast with slow so it can be used in many was but since it’s a vanguard it would still need a couple of buffs!


The conqueror:This hero is a pretty slow hero(we can also find this out from the class description.) so it requires a lot of patience to master! This hero has a very good defense but it’s offense is pretty weak(in my opinion) so it should be used mostly for duels!(again in my opinion!)




The peacekeeper: This is a very fast hero! In low level game play this hero is pretty strong hero because people can’t block so good on low levels! The peacekeeper has a lot of moves which cause bleeding to the enemy which can be pretty useful! Its only disadvantage(in my opinion) is that it has low health and it can die pretty quick!



The lawbringer:This hero is a pretty balanced character(in my opinion)! It can combine slow with fast moves(despite the fact that many think that it’s a pretty slow character!) It has a lot of combos which when learned can be very useful! this hero also requires a little bit of mastery but not as much as warden to be a able to perform good with it at high levels!

The centurion:The dominant! The executioner! The fearless!(Also my facorite!) This hero is a killing machine at low to mid levels since it mostly relies on it’s combos which performed correctly can be very devastating and can kill any hero very fast! Although at high levels it’s harder to play with him since it can’t really use it’s combos so it’s pretty much powerless.

The gladiator:This hero is  pretty fast! Its attacks are pretty fast and it has a lot of combos to top it up! Also it’s perfect for mind games at high levels!


So my conclusion is that the knight faction is a great faction mostly because it has many types of heroes(probably this is why most people joined the knights) but I think that the biggest reason why people joined the knights was they’re reputation!(deus vult) and they’re cool looking armor!


For Honor-The Overly Hyped Game

I know that there are a lot of articles out there about this game but I just wanted to give my honest opinion about this game!

About the game:

Release date:February 27, 2017,

Available on:PS4,Xbox One, PC


The game is set in the medieval ages and there are 3 main factions fighting in:knight, vikings and samurai! The game’s story is as it follows: There was an apocalypse which has destroyed a lot of land and so the 3 factions are fighting over the remaining land beetwen each other! Apolyon the leader of the knight faction tries to defeat the other 2 factions by making them fight each other but most importantly to start a rebellion within each faction so there it would be a fight for the “throne”! The vikings were always fighting beetwen each other to claim the throne for themselves and the samurai did the same to become the emperor! Apolyon uses these weaknesses so the knights would become the strongest but unfortunately for her the vikings and samurai unite to kill her since she’s the greater evil! After the samurai kill apolyon the 3 factions still can’t come to an agreement and continue fighting! The campaign really reflects the fight beetwen the factions but in the multiplayer campaign its not felt that much!

Minimum/Recommended system requirements and where u can get parts and a PC to play this game!

Minimum Requirements:

Intel CPU I3-550 3.2GHz

AMD CPU Phenom II X4 955

Nvidia Graphics Card GeForce GTX 660

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 270 v2



OS Win 7 64

Directx DX 11

HDD Space 30 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Intel CPU Core I5-2500k 3.3 Ghz


Nvidia Graphics Card Geforce GTX 680

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 280x



OS WIN 7 64

DirectX DX 11

HDD Space 30GB

My Recommendations:

Intel CPU Core I5-760 2.8 Ghz

AMD CPU Phenom II X4 975

Nvidia Graphics Card Geforce GTX 760

AMD Graphics Card Radeon R9 280



OS WIN 7 64

DirectX DX 11

HDD Space 30 GB

My Specs:

AMD CPU FX-8370 4 Ghz Vishera

AMD Graphics Card RX 480 NITRO+ 8GB DDR5



OS WIN 10 64

DIrectX DX 12

HDD Space 1TB


Each of the factions has 4 different classes of heroes:Vanguard, Heavy,Assassin and Hybrid

Each of the classes is different from the other and requires a different play style! The vanguards are the initial characters of the game they are the most simple yet the hardest to play at high levels! The Heavys(just as they’re name says) are slower heroes which move slower but instead have more health! The assassin heroes are heroes that move faster but have less health! The hybrids are a mixt type of heroes.. They have many various types of moves! These were the headlines of each of the hero classes when the game started out on February 27 but since then many things have changed but don’t worry I will do a more in depth review of each hero! 🙂

Genre: 3rd Person action-slash!

This game has a campaign but its mostly focused on multiplayer mode!

Each hero has 3 stances:top, left and right! From those stances u can either block, attack,parry or deflect(only with assassin heroes! I will explain that in another post!) This game is a very fast paced game so u need to react fast to the other heroes movements! U only have maybe a fraction of a second or max 2 seconds to react to other heroes reactions! Also, some moves can be fainted so there are some mind games in this game and at high level the game gets very complicated! With this type of interface For honor probably has the best action-slash interface out there in the gaming industry! There is literally no other game that offers such a great interface where u can block, attack,parry and deflect too! Also, it has very good-looking graphics! The game also has a pretty balanced mm(matchmaking) but its still not the best! So the devs from ubisoft have built a great game just the mistake that they made was leaving the game unbalanced! Meanwhile, some heroes are pretty balanced others are pretty op(overpowered) Especially some season 2 3 and 4 heroes and others are just simply weak and require a lot of skill to play! The community has refereed to this many times but the devs doesn’t really seem to listen… 🙁 Plus there are some bugs and glitches but still the biggest problems are with connection problems! Right even though they just recently released dedicated servers which were supposed to fix this issue!

My personal experience:

I’ve played the game since it has been released so I have a little bit of experience in it but I still couldn’t get to high level because(just as I stated in the beginning of this post.) I don’t have the best reactions and i’m not that good at playing mind game’s :(. Still I can say an opinion about the game!

To who I recommend this game:

If u have good reactions u know how to read other peoples minds and u like very competitive game’s that this game is for you! But if u don’t like any of then I don’t really recommend u this game because it will only cause u anger! This game is for those people who like a challenge(like myself) who like to learn and become better! When u look at videos about the game it seems a really cool and fun game with very good graphics but when u start playing it its much more different!


So here’s my rating(out of 10)

Graphics: 9

Music: 8.5

Cinematics: 8

Story: 7

Content: 9

Controls: 9

Gameplay: 9

Ubisoft has created a game with a great interface and with a lot of cool trailers and videos when they were about to launch the game! Everyone was hyped about the game before the launch, but still somehow ubisoft somehow managed to screw up the game(mostly because they haven’t payed attention to the small detail or the community s my opinion) and that has cost them delivery!

I will do a more in depth reviews of the game later on where I will go more in the details and maybe do some videos too!

Note:I did not create this website to brag about my skills or how good I am in most of the competitive game’s! I just review game’s and maybe sometimes I give some tips and advises but that’s my opinion and u don’t need to follow my tips or advises! So please don’t criticize me if I play bad sometimes in videos(I will try to edit out the parts where I don’t play so well.. but I will only make videos if requested.. I don’t know what to say about video making yet!) Thanks for the understanding!

I wish everyone all the best




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Note:I did not create this website to brag about my skills or how good i am in most of the competitive games! I just review games and maybe sometimes i give some tips and advises but that’s my opinion and u don’t need to follow my tips or advises! So please don’t criticize me if i play bad sometimes in videos(i will try to edit out the parts where i don’t play so well.. but i will only make videos if requested.. I don’t know what to say about video making yet!) Thanks for the understanding! 

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